Fully automated bagging - sewing line

Our machines has been designed following the metric system in accordance to the following European directives:

  • 2006/42/CE [Machine Directive], 2006/95/CE [Low Tension Directive],
  • 2004/108/CE [Electro-magnetic Compatibility]

The following European harmonized norms has been used:

  • ISO EN 12100-1, ΕΝ 12100-2, ΕΝ14121-1 , ΕΝ 13857-1 , ΕΝ-547,ΕΝ 60204-1
    • Tag to be stitched together with Bag
    • The output refers to the capacity of the line.
    • (10-15 minutes) in storage, prior to feeding/weighing.
    • automatic system and trouble-free operation of weigher and bag placer
    • PP woven bags with& without inner liner, Paper bags with & without inner liner, PE – bags


  • Flat bags, pillow type, with sewn bottom, sealed or glued (pinch bottom).
  • Flat bags, square bottom.
  • Gusseted bags, sewn bottom, square, sealed or glued (pinch bottom).

Bag Material:

  • paper;
  • coated paper;
  • Paper with PE liner;
  • PE;
  • PP woven;
  • Poly woven laminated;
    • poly woven with PE liner;

The movement is through

  • motorized / pneumatic action and is managed by the PLC.

Electric operator panel

  • Electric operator panel for the drive and control of the whole bagging line.
  • Light signals

operator interface through touch screen. The human machine interface allows the operator to start and stop the automatic cycle, verify the machine status and check the actual production speed (in bags/min and bags/hour) and modify the working parameters. 2 bag counters are also available one resettable and one not resettable. In case of needs the operator can set a production lot in bags, once the machine achieve the required number of bags will stop automatically

  • serial interface programmable according to RS 232, 422, 485 standards [availablecommunication protocols LCD graphic display with high contrast with white types on blue back light. This allow a perfect view even during night time or when you are not in front of the display

Cycle control, adapted to the individual weighing and filling process

  • Dosing control for coarse and fine flow
  • Possibility to select the dosing philosophy for coarse phase
  • Automatic material-in-flight compensation
  • Push button zero setting,
  • Digital weight and parameter display
  • recipes management for a quick exchange between different formats and/or product.

Always displayed data:

  • Actual capacity [bags/hour] : 250
  • Weighing capacity : 25-50kg