The automatic packaging machine AV45 is the final result of GNA srl‘s range of stretch models. It was specifically designed to wrap trays of polystyrene, polypropylene, PET, with stretch film, in order to satisfy the need of protecting food products in the best way. The structure of aluminium, anti-corrosive material, and of stainless steel on the parts directly in contact with the product, makes the AV45 the most suitable machine for the food sector (fruit and vegetables, meet, fi sh, sweets etc…). AV45 is a reliable and versatile machine, easy-to-use and it finds its best application in supermarkets, hypermarkets, medium packaging centres. Designed with mainly mechanical operation in mind, it is operated by a PLC which selects different sizes and wrapping tensions. Pulling film unit and film cutting unit are managed by 2 brushless motors. Fully automatic, it achieves a capacity, depending on trays dimensions, up to 40-50 cycles/min. AV45 basic machine is equipped with synchronising device.