General features

The main feature of these machines is the L-shaped sealing bar. The single vertical bar which can guarantee the same pressure in all parts of the film replaces the old scissor-shaped bar. L seal bar vertical . No scissor system! Preferred Packing machines can be equipped with different types of infeed and outfeed conveyors:

  • flighted conveyors
  • conveyors with pushers
  • intralox, etc;
  • pushers
  • feeders (shuttle or rotary)
  • stackers
  • shrink tunnels
  • and many other accessories up to forming a complete line.

Specific features

The bar, which is only 10 mm thick, enables the user to save a lot of film (the quantity of film welded around the product is very limited. As a result, the package is well closed and the wrapping is tight at the same time). These machines can process both polyolefin and polyetilene with an optional bar. They occupy very little room (combo version with tunnel on the same frame). Available also the econonomic version.