Multihead - Vertical packaging machines

Vertical packaging machines

The doy vertical packaging machines conceived specifically for making doy bag. The frame is made of a tubular in Inox AISI 304. Doy vertical packaging machines keeps the standard features of all machines: extremely easy inspection, cleaning and simplicity.

The bag size changing operations are extremely quick and comfortable to operate, thanks to the smart technical solutions designed to optimize production time.

Standard multihead weigher


It is suitable for weighing candy, seeds, jelly, pet foods, puffy foods, pistachio, peanuts, nut, raisins, dried, fruits, frozen foods, snack foods, hardwares, meatballs etc.


  • Program recovery function can reduce operation failures.
  • No products auto pause function can improve weighing stability and accuracy.
  • High-precision digital load cell.
  • User-friendly help menu in touch screen contributes to easy operation.
  • 100 programs capacity can meet various weighing requirement.
  • 15 languages available for global independently.