Traysealing machines

We offer to customers a complete range of thermosealing machines, identified by acronym SEAL.

The thermosealing machines are fully automated high tech machines for sealing and packaging with any type of preformed tray in vacuum and modified atmosphere any kind of foodstuff and not as:

  • sausages, hams, mortadella, speck of
  • sliced meat any kind, dimension and morphology
  • pieces of meat of any kind
  • poultry, whole chicken breasts morphology and dimension and steaks to
  • paste, fresh paste, tortellini
  • polenta
  • macrobiotic products
  • pizzas, roll and sandwich
  • cheese of any kind
  • mozzarella cheese morphology and dimension
  • fruits and vegetables
  • pharmaceutical products
  • any kind of components

All thermosealing machines from small to big are designed and implemented with technology and design to the construction to ensure maximum reliability and simplicity, in the everyday operations both on ordinary cleaning and maintenance.

The small one thermosealing model is a very small machine with steel frame mounted on wheels and with the suction pump placed directly inside the machine.

The machine is equipped with a standard ground plane with 2 stations to load trays with maximum dimensions not exceeding 370 x 265 mm.

Once positioned on the loading area, fully automatically by stainless steel strips the trays are trasported inside the packaging station where the cycle is always done in automatic second the mode provided from the operator.

Even the progress of the film is also automatic and controlled, to minimize waste.

The change of the format with the technical solutions chosen is particularly simple and fast and is done without the use of keys or special equipment.

The management of the machine is assigned to PLC as a practical and intuitive touch screen permits the entry of parameters and display messages and alarms.

The machine allows the storage of 20 working programs, to secure an optimal packing the final level of vacuum and gas can be detected through a electronic transducer.

The machine can operate in several mode:

  • Only sealing
  • Partial vacuum and sealing
  • Vacuum + Inert gas and sealing
  • Vacuum and skin effect
  • Gas and sealing

On request the standard equipment could be complete with a range of accessories such as:

  • Elongated loading area
  • Automatic trays loader
  • Automatic dosing unit for solid or liquid products
  • Photocell for printed film
  • Hot or thermal transfer printer
  • Exit conveyor belt
  • Weighing and labeling packages system