Thermoforming machines

We offer to your customers a complete range of thermoforming machines.

The thermoforming machines are fully automated high tech machines for packaging with any type of film in vacuum or/ and modified atmosphere any kind of foodstuff and not as:

  • sausages, hams, mortadella, speck of any kind, dimension and morphology
  • sliced meat
  • pieces of meat of any kind, morphology and dimension
  • poultry, whole chicken breasts and steaks to
  • paste, fresh paste, tortellini
  • polenta
  • macrobiotic products
  • pizzas, roll and sandwich
  • cheese of any kind, morphology and dimension
  • mozzarella cheese
  • fruits and vegetables
  • any kind of components
  • pharmaceutical products

All thermoforming machines from small to big are designed and implemented with technology and design to the construction to ensure maximum reliability and simplicity, in the everyday operations both on ordinary cleaning and maintenance.

The stainless steel structure made, makes the machines suitable for any work environment even the most aggressive, while the components and the solutions adopted guarantee a considerable precision and reliability.

All models can be adapted according to specific customer requirements:

  • flexible or rigid film
  • double heating plate
  • forming punch for high depth
  • loading stations according to customer requirements
  • inert gas injection device
  • flexible film cut station
  • rigid film cut punch station
  • shaped cut station
  • chambers movements by pneumatic knee
  • 0-100% progress variable speed
  • outfeed product by slipway, roller or conveyor belt
  • scrap removal by aspiration or involvement
  • film progress on customer requirement
  • forming depth on customer requirement
  • film width on customer requirement

On request:

  • automatic coil changer device
  • automatic or robotic filling device
  • automatic check weight and filling device
  • automatic liquid filling system
  • automatic label insertion device
  • top printed film centring device
  • hot or thermo transfer printer
  • labelling
  • closed circuit water cooler
  • utomatic out feed product system
  • automatic handling and conveying of packs