About us

The BL ENGINEERING range for the food industry includes automatic or manual weighing and labelling systems, weight control and weight graders, dosage and piece counting as well as packaging, metal detection, cartoning and palletizing equipment.

We are equipped with all modern conventional manufacturing machinery.

We offer custom built machines and installation to customers that consist of modern computer controlled, process control equipment, using state-of-the-art technology.

The technological processes know-how of our technicians ensures that all of our equipment can be easily integrated into the IT applications and ERP systems of our clients, controlling production even in real time, which is essential for food companies.

Our work philosophy considers teamwork between us and our clients in order to come up with, design and produce solutions that adapt perfectly to their requirements.

We pride ourselves on timely delivery of quality products.

Our after sales policy emphasizes the importance of our customers and their business needs.

We will be pleased to help you. Consult us!